Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry ChristMyth

This past Sunday I joined my brother-in-law in watching Christmas in Yellowstone, but we only caught part of the program, so I decided to record a later showing in high definition; unfortunately my MythTV box is about 360 km southeast of my current location. I thought MythWeb might be useful but I was not familiar with it, nor had I installed it. Now that I am, and have, I wish I had set this up earlier. Off site management access is just the beginning of MythWeb’s feature set.
Certain functionality is awkward or even impossible with a typical remote control. The first thing I did was use one of the canned searches to check holiday specials to see if there were any I had missed using the TV interface. After scheduling those recordings, I thought about disk space. Most of the space was being eaten by recordings of The Simpsons. My initial plan was to choose between the 7pm and 12am show times but MythWeb gives me the option to set a maximum number of episodes to keep. What was 50 episodes and growing is now a stable 12. The flexible sophistication of MythWeb ensures that I will continue to use it regularly, even while home.