Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Codefix

Today is sort of a birthday for Codefix: I first registered the domain on August 22, 2003-- eight days after the Great North American Blackout; however, wondering how people lived without electricity and meeting my Brooklyn neighbors weren't the only things going on back then. Work as a Linux consultant was just starting to become steady, but incorporation was more than a year away and I was still moonlighting as a photographer.Later that year, Red Hat made waves by announcing that they would discontinue support for their (free as in beer) non-enterprise Linux distributions. Fortunately Open Source projects are particularly well suited for stepping in when another has dropped the torch; in this case, there were even a couple new contenders: Fedora and Gentoo. Fedora was Red Hat's consolation prize to the Open Source community and early versions were not impressive; Gentoo, on the other hand, seemed like a genuine revolution in the Linux world.