Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Multiple Recipient Delimiters in Postfix

err.pngSome time ago I enabled recipient delimiters (e.g. user+foo@host.tld) as a convenient way to know if shady web forms are contributing to my spam folder. The idea is that when House Depot requires me to have an account before I can see if they have loose screws in stock locally, I can sign up with instead of my usual e-mail. With recipient delimiters enabled, postfix will try to deliver any incoming mail to garrison+housedepot but when it finds no such user, it will try garrison and I get my mail. The problem arises when I discover that House Depot’s broken web form rejects any e-mail addresses with “+” in the user name as invalid. I’m already using garrison+foo style addresses elsewhere so I don’t want to change the recipient delimiter, but neither do I trust my real address to a company that can’t even create a proper web form.