Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Fix for Asterisk/BroadVoice Number Conflict.

I have a strange issue on my Asterisk box. If I call BroadVoice tech support using one of their trunks, I connect normally and hear the initial IVR, I press "1" and hear "Your call is being transferred." Then the weirdness starts: I remain connected, but I hear my own hold music. As near as I can figure, while I'm on hold in their call queue, Asterisk has dumped me in to hold and I can't get out. If I stay on long enough for a tech to pick up, they either hear nothing or my hold music and hang up. Free beer goes to anyone who can identify and solve this issue, meanwhile I have developed a workaround.

The above problem fails to occur if I use a non BV trunk or, even better, if instead of calling a ten digit support number I use 611. Unfortunately 611 is also the dial code for a weather-by-airport feature in trixbox, so when I first tried dialing I only heard a busy signal. Fixing this problem is really easy, I only needed to edit extensions_trixbox.conf and comment out the lines with "exten => 611". Another way to resolve number conflicts is to use the Misc Destinations module to dial one number via another.